give everyone you meet a melon   original release in 2004

1 make your own fun
2 dogman
3 veerst opa'i vindera
4 asleep at the wheel of life
5 ... and my heart beats
6 seagulls in the perpetual ocean
7 give everyone you meet a melon

make your own fun is a reworking of a karin karian song
is built round a spontaneous bit of vocalising by paul yeung
... and my heart beats is a remix of joel maclellan's immanence, mashed against a chopped-up vocal
veerst opa'i vindera might be
a song from SE Asia in a hitherto-unknown hindustani dialect; or it might not.

the original release is no longer available

due for reissue in 2016 in an enhanced and rearranged guise