a steady trickle of noise emerged between 2002 and 2009. some of it has gone in the air and can never be captured again; which is as it should be. some of it has been in the form of single tracks and fragments scattered around the darker corners of the internet: things which seem worth preserving may eventually end up back here. a few hard copy CDs have been released, and can be found via the menu to the left.

the reawakening of the project in 2016-17 will be marked by a reissue of give everyone you meet a melon, and by a steady trickle of noise into the gaping maw of soundcloud

in the mean time this is a remix of cheju's camellia:

all that survives of the original is the (?korean) vocal (by Soo Lee) and a fragment of bleep loop. i don't know any korean; i'm hoping that chopping and reordering the vocal like this will have defeated any possibility of it meaning something

you can find cheju's original here.
this remix was released on the boltfish patchwork compilation