growing out of a voice/bass duo with singer Karin Karian – hence the karian/foot anagram – tarofonika has been making too much of the wrong kind of sense since 2002

its early life took shape in the heyday of, and in collaborations with saxophonist and composer Simon Reeve

from these found sound/musique concrète beginnings it has evolved into a manipulated double bass & voice entity with a life of its own, some of it purely conceptual; and has spawned a back-catalogue of edible songs

reproducing any of this material live is beyond the scope of the project at present, though a general drift away from cutups and towards song form means that recent compositions are flirting with the possibility of performance

if all this is too much and you have a Beckettian desire to defeat meaning and sense, you can always try eating it:
Leonard Richardson's magnificent eater of meaning is recommended

for a perfect example of the eater in voracious mood, click here